Quarkology is for students studying NSW Board of Studies Stage 6 Chemistry and Physics courses.

In here you will find information, practice questions and answers, assessment tasks and HSC questions as well as first-hand investigations and other activities relevant to the syllabus dot-points. Quarkology is designed to make learning easier by approaching the content concept-by-concept rather than dot-point by dot-point. This promotes a deeper learning and understanding and should ultimately produce better results. Each concept is linked back to syllabus dot-points and provides you with opportunities to practice what you are learning by doing activities designed to reinforce your knowledge.

This resource is a work in progress so your patience is appreciated. In 2012, content is being added to the 12 Physics and 12 Chemistry sections. The 11 Physics and Chemistry material will not be added during 2013.

Please email us if you like what you see or you have any suggestions for improving the site.